Use hair oil to make hair more shiny

1. Before washing with shampoo, apply the hair oil on the dry hair’s tail and start shampooing. It can protect the scales of the hair and promote the penetration of nutrients to achieve deeper hydration and nutrition of the hair. .

2. In the shampoo, add a few drops of hair oil to the hair mask or conditioner, apply evenly at the end of the hair, and hydrate and repair the hair.

3. When you wet your hair, after washing with shampoo or with damp hair before combing it, use hair oil and then dry the hair to protect it from the damages caused by high temperatures, and the hair will be more flexible and shiny.

4. When drying the hair, apply an adequate amount of hair oil directly to reduce the hair feeling. At the same time, it can also give the hair a certain feeling of shine. It can be said that it is a small magical weapon to get up and get ready in the morning.