Poor shampoo will destroy the vigilance of common shampoo

Misunderstanding 1 I did not completely wet my hair

Shampoo products only work best when the hair is completely wet. Many friends are eager to start using the shampoo when the hair is not completely wet. The correct way is to place the hair under the sprayer for 3-5 minutes to make sure it is completely wet before using the shampoo.

Misunderstanding 2 second unnecessary shampoo

For the general case, the shampoo is enough. Many people use shampoo to rinse and reuse it. This method is incorrect. These rumors began in the 1970s, when many women washed their hair a week or more.

Misunderstanding 3 over-scratching

If you wash your hair too much, the result is damage to the scalp or scalp, so it is best to gently massage the scalp with the tips of your fingers.

Misunderstanding 4, less scalp, the hair may be less

When I was washing with shampoo, I noticed a group of hair like a drop of hair and panic, so I did not dare touch the scalp, I was afraid it would get even worse. In fact, they have already fallen out during dry hair and have fallen off with the lubrication of the conditioner. Hair loss should be better to clean the scalp, especially the oily scalp. Thoroughly clean the pores of the hair follicles to produce a new stronger hair. Use the tips of your fingers to massage and push the scalp instead of scratching.

Misunderstanding 5 Put your hair on top of your head

No matter how gentle it is when you apply the shampoo, it is not appropriate as long as the hair is crooked. Keep in mind that the hair is washed from top to bottom and that the scales have no possibility of getting up. This effect is immediate, and the flexibility of the wash is comparable to the use of the conditioner! When washing, first open your hands, make a hand with dragon claw and then insert it in the hair from top to bottom. After trying this trick, according to the comments of many people, the hair is not so entangled before.

Misunderstanding 6 Conditioner uses the wrong place

The hair conditioner is only used on hair. If it comes into contact with the scalp, it is easy to wash and will cause dandruff. Do not use a hair conditioner with a comb, as it will cause the hair to fall out. For a stronger shine, rinse with cold water.

Misunderstanding 7 Occasionally use less hair conditioner once

Do not worry so much, use less hair conditioner once, it will definitely bring a danger to the chain. Because one of the functions of the conditioner is to close the scales, the closure is not good, after the hot air, it is more likely that the sun hurts, hoping to use an unclean conditioner to compensate for the lack of basic, even more terrible play it is this damage It is cumulative.

Misunderstanding 8, the temperature of the shampoo has not changed

The water temperature will affect the subsequent styling effect, therefore, pay attention to the design of the shampoo temperature. The last time you lower it slightly, this will make the scales close better and the hair will feel very soft. After doing the hairstyle and the like, it is easier to produce the effect and the hair is brighter.