Poor shampoo will destroy the vigilance of common shampoo

Misunderstanding 1 I did not completely wet my hair

Shampoo products only work best when the hair is completely wet. Many friends are eager to start using the shampoo when the hair is not completely wet. The correct way is to place the hair under the sprayer for 3-5 minutes to make sure it is completely wet before using the shampoo.

Misunderstanding 2 second unnecessary shampoo

For the general case, the shampoo is enough. Many people use shampoo to rinse and reuse it. This method is incorrect. These rumors began in the 1970s, when many women washed their hair a week or more.

Misunderstanding 3 over-scratching

If you wash your hair too much, the result is damage to the scalp or scalp, so it is best to gently massage the scalp with the tips of your fingers.

Misunderstanding 4, less scalp, the hair may be less

When I was washing with shampoo, I noticed a group of hair like a drop of hair and panic, so I did not dare touch the scalp, I was afraid it would get even worse. In fact, they have already fallen out during dry hair and have fallen off with the lubrication of the conditioner. Hair loss should be better to clean the scalp, especially the oily scalp. Thoroughly clean the pores of the hair follicles to produce a new stronger hair. Use the tips of your fingers to massage and push the scalp instead of scratching.

Misunderstanding 5 Put your hair on top of your head

No matter how gentle it is when you apply the shampoo, it is not appropriate as long as the hair is crooked. Keep in mind that the hair is washed from top to bottom and that the scales have no possibility of getting up. This effect is immediate, and the flexibility of the wash is comparable to the use of the conditioner! When washing, first open your hands, make a hand with dragon claw and then insert it in the hair from top to bottom. After trying this trick, according to the comments of many people, the hair is not so entangled before.

Misunderstanding 6 Conditioner uses the wrong place

The hair conditioner is only used on hair. If it comes into contact with the scalp, it is easy to wash and will cause dandruff. Do not use a hair conditioner with a comb, as it will cause the hair to fall out. For a stronger shine, rinse with cold water.

Misunderstanding 7 Occasionally use less hair conditioner once

Do not worry so much, use less hair conditioner once, it will definitely bring a danger to the chain. Because one of the functions of the conditioner is to close the scales, the closure is not good, after the hot air, it is more likely that the sun hurts, hoping to use an unclean conditioner to compensate for the lack of basic, even more terrible play it is this damage It is cumulative.

Misunderstanding 8, the temperature of the shampoo has not changed

The water temperature will affect the subsequent styling effect, therefore, pay attention to the design of the shampoo temperature. The last time you lower it slightly, this will make the scales close better and the hair will feel very soft. After doing the hairstyle and the like, it is easier to produce the effect and the hair is brighter.

Use hair oil to make hair more shiny

1. Before washing with shampoo, apply the hair oil on the dry hair’s tail and start shampooing. It can protect the scales of the hair and promote the penetration of nutrients to achieve deeper hydration and nutrition of the hair. .

2. In the shampoo, add a few drops of hair oil to the hair mask or conditioner, apply evenly at the end of the hair, and hydrate and repair the hair.

3. When you wet your hair, after washing with shampoo or with damp hair before combing it, use hair oil and then dry the hair to protect it from the damages caused by high temperatures, and the hair will be more flexible and shiny.

4. When drying the hair, apply an adequate amount of hair oil directly to reduce the hair feeling. At the same time, it can also give the hair a certain feeling of shine. It can be said that it is a small magical weapon to get up and get ready in the morning.

Daily maintenance of hair

Hair repair and maintenance is a strange topic for many consumers, because most consumers often ignore the daily maintenance of the scalp and hair because they pay attention to the external shape and because there is no regular maintenance. I can not have healthy hair and many of my friends around me will ask me about this kind of knowledge. Therefore, I hope to share my knowledge, experiences and ideas accumulated in the past. The concept of proper shampoo, hair care and hydration is given to all women who love beauty.

The most common thing in daily hair care is to apply hair care products after shampooing. I think most women have this habit. Although this is a good habit, at the same time, we probably ignore the correct method of shampooing. In fact, the correct shampoo method can effectively help us speed up the hair repair time and make greater use of the repair effect. Without further ado, we better understand the key points and the importance of daily care, and what kind of skills can make cockroaches work harder!

The Care of Hair Wigs

The hair wig has the characteristics of soft hair, elasticity and strong authenticity. However, it will deform after washing and must be molded. Washing method: Soak the wig with water, soak in warm shampoo-containing water, rub it with your hand to wash away dirt, wash the foam with water, then use conditioner for care, wash the wig and remove it with a dry towel Press to absorb water; Put the wig on the wooden stand and gently comb it. According to the needs of the hairstyle, the coils are made or blown. Hair wigs should be remodeled after each wash, and several grooming tools can be used according to the needs of the hairstyle. The shape of the hair wig should be carried out mainly in the holder, but it should be repeatedly placed on the user’s head during the operation to see the effect, so that the hairstyle is suitable for the face.

The wig should be soft when combing it, and the hair root should not be extracted. When the hair is combed, the heat of the wind should not be too strong. Before establishing the hairstyle, first use the test on the head of the guest so that the hairstyle meets the needs of the client.